Let's get started

We are all faced with various stressors at different times in our life. The way we RESPOND to our stressors is the key.  Stress Strategies is a problem-solving approach to help you learn helpful ways to respond to life’s stresses.  As a first step, take a look at this list of common stressors, and click on – or add - the one you'd like to begin to work on.

Since our stress categories are fairly general, the first step in problem-solving stress is to think about a specific situation or last time when the stressor really caused you a problem.  Use the box below to note some details, for example, consider: what is going on in the situations where you experience this stress? Apart from stress what other emotions might you be feeling when you experience this stress? How does this stressor affect your life in a negative way?


Build Your Action Plan

The next steps in Stress Tools will help you choose a strategy (or strategies) for managing your stress.

  • If you are not ready to make an action plan right now we invite you to come back another time, or read some of the articles about stress listed below.